Entrepreneurial Partnership

Our goal is to invest in companies which we can relate to. We particularly look for products or services which directly or indirectly serve basic human needs (health, food, safety, education). Our focus is on well-positioned companies that operate in markets with sustainable long-term growth. Financially, we look for companies with revenues of up to EUR 500m and an EBITDA margin of 10% or higher.


We need to see a strategic role for our involvement; we are not a financial investor. We are looking for true partners and emphasize collaboration in good as well as in bad times. In order to be an involved shareholder, we usually own the majority of our companies. We encourage co-investments of founders and management.

Before we invest, we spend sufficient time with the company and its industry. This allows us to properly understand the underlying business risks as well as the entrepreneurial potential. We believe that this approach provides us with relative safety during challenging times and with stability that allows us to seize extraordinary opportunities as they arise.